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Herb Plants


Free Mulch Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) non profit entity organized to enrich and empower land stewards with ecosystem education that supports sustainable local food systems. The educational opportunities we promote assist beginner farmers with the development of successful agribusiness plans and incubators. We support marginalized, beginner, and seasoned farmers by making agricultural workshops and trainings financially accessible. Our mission is to facilitate a deeper understanding of human impacts within agriculture systems and provide land stewards with actionable tools that result in a more resilient environment. 

Green Field



At Free Mulch Inc, we offer a range of services aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture and supporting beginning farmers. Our services include ​supporting beginner farmers with incubator and internship opportunities, enriching farmers with financial access to agriculture & natural resource education, workshops, and conferences. We recruit at risk students, students with undecided career paths and those already pursuing agricultural vocations for seasonal and yearlong farm internships on local farms. We also reimburse land stewards & farmers for skill share initiatives they take within the community. By supporting Free Mulch Incorporated, you are supporting the future of sustainable agriculture and helping to build healthier, more resilient marginalized and rural communities.

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